Top Android apps 2014:

by / Friday, 27 June 2014 / Published in Android



1: Captain America: TWS

First up on our list this month is Captain America The Winter Soldier. It was released by Gameloft as sort of the official mobile game for the movie. The game play falls into the category of action-adventure and the graphics are comic book-style which helps add to the atmosphere of the game. You control SHIELD teams to take down the big, bad guys.


2. Crescendo Launcher:

Most launchers in the Google Play Store have a lot of features and can be rather complicated. Crescendo Launcher has none of those things. What Crescendo offers is a simplified Android experience. This can be a great app for a lot of people. Particularly for those who are finally upgrading from a feature phone or those of the senior citizen demographic. It’s very minimal and extremely easy to navigate the interface. Some might say too easy, but that’s kind of the point. It’s free in the Play Store to try out.


3. Cut the Rope 2:

The first series of Cut the Rope games are a favorites in the Google Play Store. They all have millions of downloads and pretty good ratings. So far, Cut the Rope 2 continues that proud tradition as it inches toward the million download mark and rocks a 4.5 rating in the Play Store. The game has fresh game play elements along with the classic ones, new characters, and new levels. People have complained about the in-app purchases and the advertisements, but it appears as though the people who enjoy the game outnumber the people who don’t enjoy it, so that’s something to take into consideration


4. Deadlings:

If you’re more into some 2D platformers, Deadlings is a pretty decent game. It features a bunch of cartoony characters in a game that goes out of its way to not take itself too seriously. It features over 100 levels, two game modes, four playable characters, and a fun and goofy story line. It’s free to play with in-app purchases. Word is the in app purchases are only a minor annoyance so that’s some good news. If you like platformers, it’s definitely worth checking this one out.


5. Microsoft Office:

Even though Microsoft Office was officially released late last summer, they made the huge decision in March to make the app free to use for Android users. This means no more Office 365 subscription and you can just open it and use it. It does require a Microsoft account and that automatically signs you up for a OneDrive account. That said, it is compatible with the desktop version of Microsoft Office and it does have a fairly good design. With the 7GB of free cloud storage from OneDrive, it means Microsoft has a Google Drive competitor for real now. Google Drive is still better, but keep an eye out on Microsoft Office because it’s starting to be a really good option.


6. Star Wars: Assault Team:

Star Wars: Assault Team was a big deal when it was first announced. It’s a Star Wars game made by Lucas Arts and let’s face it if any company is going to make a Star Wars game, it might as well be Lucas Arts. This title is an enjoyable card game where you collect cards of your favorite Star Wars characters and face up against popular villains from the series. You can level up characters, engage in PvP battles, and enjoy some above average mobile graphics.


7. Timehop:

Last up this month is kind of our wildcard pick which is called Timehop. Timehop is a sort of social media aggregation service that lets you log into various social networks and it tells you what you were doing, posting, and whatnot a year ago to the date. So if you check it on April 10th, it’ll show you what you posted and did on April 10th of all prior years you were on social media. It’s an entertaining concept because reminiscing is fun but there are some things that may chase people away. For instance, there is no Google+ support and if you have too many Tweets on Twitter you have to have the app access your archive which is tedious. It’s free, though, so it’s worth a shot if you’re into this sort of thing.


8. Smash Hit:

We covered Smash Hit in our new indie app of the day segment and we’re going to talk about it again here because it’s simply a gorgeous app. It is an endless runner style game where you throw balls at various glass objects to avoid being hit. There are Google Play Games services included if you’re into that sort of thing. It’s free to play but you can buy the premium version for $1.99 which gives you the ability to save your progress if you so choose.


9. QuizUp:

QuizUp enjoyed the rare and beautiful event of being red hot on social media for about a week and the result is that the app is currently everywhere. It is one of the most downloaded apps released this month and we at Android Authority even did a Let’s Play where Josh Vergara and myself went head to head to see who would win. It’s fun 90% of the time and the other 10% is rage-inducing awfulness due to game glitches or the occasionally wrong answer to a question. That 90% is more than enough for me to recommend the app because it is free to play.


10. Newsbeat:

If you’re into listening to the news instead of music, then Newsbeat is a fun little app to try. It’s a news aggregation service that looks up news that you may be interested in but instead of making you read it, the app will read the news to you. What’s even more interesting is that the news will be read to you in the manner of a radio show which includes short jingles, sound effects, and such that really sells the atmosphere. So it doesn’t feel like robots reading words to you even though it is essentially just robots reading the news to you. It’s a nice app and free to use in the Play Store.