Top 5 Android Apps you must use, The best Android apps of 2017

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Top 5 Android Apps you must use, The best Android apps of 2017

Do you know that one million Android gadgets activated each and every day (it is nearly 12 each second). It’s clear that Google improving the Android platform include not only the OS itself but also the apps that come with it. So it’s for us to update ourselves every time for the latest Android news and varieties of apps.

There are some android apps which are common between men and women even people can’t survive without having these apps on their phones. But there are also some apps which don’t have the value to get used. Many available games or apps those don’t help much are a wastage of time. These apps found to be useful long back but due to the advancement of UI and UX and other technological input went useless due to lack of developer’s interest on it. Many apps even don’t relate to any real need; people might just test with them their website. There are many websites which build ready made website to app conversion sort of apps they too are meaningless. So, it’s always suggested using the latest apps version for any app that you use. Above that try such apps which help not those who are just made to make money or promote something.

I am never so disappointed seeing an app like the one’s I see now a day’s. The primary reason many apps hangs while loading the graphics or other components. So, I updated my telephone firmware. I attempted it once again. No benefit was seen for many apps because those apps are not made for a purpose but just uploaded for the sake of having an app. Then, I looked and noticed an app (which had previously sported four stars out of five from thousands of customers) was all of a sudden getting 1 star from hundreds of customers.
As the non-functional apps increasing every day, the store is working over time to reduce such apps. To bring more stringent app clearing guidelines like the ones of iPhone and Windows Google also working with the developers.
Five favourite Android apps:
1. Hairstyle Changer: It’s a fantastic app made to test any hair style available inside the app on your face without getting a hair redo.
2. Face Changer Photo Editor: Now this app brings a touch of having Mustache and a new facial look. What more you need is the ability to check your face with many Moustaches.
3. Swimming Adventure 3D: Now here comes a nice app very less tested but I would say a nice one to check how you feel and what you can see while swimming. Giving a realistic swimming experience and feeling of swimming through an app. A must use and test for Android app lovers.
4. Clay shooting 3D – Hunt: Now kids to old no one can stay without this clay shooting 3D app once they have used it.
5. Kids Animal Quiz Free: To answer the quiz and get new questions and queries for kids use this app. An excellent Android app made only for the kids who are in the growing phase and need to answer and get the answer of questions to build logic to knowledge this app can be a great help for you.

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Top 5 Android Apps you must use, The best Android apps of 2017

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