Top 20 iPhone and Android App Development Companies in the USA

World’s Best iPhone and Android App Development Companies in the USA, Best Mobile App Developers of 2018

The mobile app market is going to go double in size by 2020, and it could touch $100 Billion as the market researchers say. People from US, China, Japan, India are the most significant mobile applications. These countries build the market and Mettle Tech is standing to fulfill the needs that are coming up. Nations which are fast catching up are Indonesia, Mexico, and Argentina.

Among these growing marketplaces, India has a lot more significance as they are into cellular application development as much as consumption. Top mobile application developers in India are serving some of the world-renowned brands with tremendous potential.

Companies from India who are working on mobile application development are one of the best in the world to serve you for any mobile app. And if you are facing a tough time selecting the best one from them, Mettle Tech is standing to help you with knowledge, quality workforce, dedicated support and many other features.

What are the Companies we see here:

Mettle Tech -#1 Call : (IND)+ (033) 407-05047, (UK)+ (141) 416-5470, (USA)+ (607) 545-4126, (AUS)+ (07) 3103-2990

Mettle Tech is one of the top mobile phone app development businesses in the USA that is scripting new milestones and advancements. It has a presence in USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and India. The firm traverses the bilateral route of creating tech products and rendering IT services. It is the technological force behind a few well-known companies.

Mettle Tech renders world-class services in eCommerce development in diverse platforms like Magento, Drupal, WooCommerce, Prestashop, etc. It also provides cloud solutions for a broad cross-section of enterprises ranging from small to medium and large. Portable app development in Google Android, iOS, Windows and several other known mobile operating systems is another offering from this Dubai based technology company.

Emerging technology has always remained an area of strength for Mettle Tech. With some of the rising techniques where Mettle Tech is playing its powers on a global scale.

Expertise: Mobile App Advancement, iPhone & Android App Development, IOT App Advancement, Augmented Reality App Development, E-Commerce, Wearable App Advancement, WhatsApp Development, Multi-Vendor Marketplace Solution & Vacation Rental & Booking Softwares.

2. SeeHash

SeeHash is a new rising company headquartered at Chennai that develops apps for Mobile phones both Android and IOS. The business provides solutions in the form of mobile application across various fields which range from standard business solutions like e-commerce to innovative new concepts like augmented reality.

Apart from developing portable apps they also offer other extensive solutions like Web designing and development, Game Development, Software Advancement, Embedded and Electronic solutions, Game Development and much more.

SeeHash’s keynote is that they create apps customized to the client’s needs and help boost their business. Established in 2008, it has almost been eight years, and the company has an impressive base of clientele who love their quality of service.

Expertise: App Development on Android, Windows & IOS, UI/UX, eCommerce & Game Advancement, Blackberry app advancement, Big Data.

3. Contus

Contus is a SMAC company located in Chennai, in India developing cell apps on trending systems like Wearables, IoT, Augmented fact, Beacons, BLE 4.0. The mobile app development wing of Contus offers rendered app advancement services for industries like automobile, food, healthcare, finance, e-commerce plus much more.

Contus M-Comm is a readymade solution for serving the e-commerce industry to build cellular apps for online stores instantly. For real-time chat app.

Expertise: Digital transformations business delivering Android, iOs, Home windows, eCommerce development, m-commerce development, IOT app advancement, Chat app development, Video on demand solutions, Tailor made enterprise solutions.

4. Cumulations

Cumulations’ area of expertise is IoT. This mobile app development firm is in infotainment, retail and healthcare in detail and elaborate way. It brings in wholesome range of products and service solutions for all these industries.

With a 7+ years experiences development team, Culminations has some of the best names in the electronics and home appliance industry like Siemens, Intel, etc.

Expertise: App development, Google Android app advancement, Blackberry app development Digital Marketing, strategy, Design Formulation & Analytics

5. Sourcebits

A leading and trusted Android & iPhone mobile phone app development company in India have a phase level approach which includes strategy, design, advancement, and testing.

Sourcebits team can also render a helping hand in Marketing your products right from placing your app in the shops and making it known among the masses. Analytics is yet another service area which Sourcebits targets that helps businesses get measurable insights.

Expertise: Cross-platform portable app development using, Google Android app development, iOS App advancement, PhoneGap, Xamarin & Sencha.

6. Konstant

top 10 mobile app development companies the UK
One of the seasoned top 10 Android and iPhone cell app development businesses in India. It focuses on some common and mostly used platforms such as iOS, Android, and Windows for providing app development solutions for mobile and desktop alike.

Being official partners with some of the most trusted tech companies like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft,, Zendesk, etc., This group, under the cross-platform app development portfolio, makes use of technology like PhoneGap, Sencha, and Xamarin.

Expertise: Cross-platform mobile phone app advancement using PhoneGap, Xamarin & Sencha, iOS app development, Android app development, web development.

7. Quytech

Quytech is among the top 10 ios & android portable app development businesses in India which renders iOS and Google Android mobile app advancement for enterprise requirements covering industries want business intelligence/analytics, field service management, employee attendance, security agencies and food ordering apps.

Sans the business sector, Quytech provides keen focus on augmented actuality based cell apps and strategic mobile consulting services which includes business owners a bright idea about the marketplace competition and development strategy.

Expertise: Android game app development, UX solutions, iOS app advancement, entertainment app development, m-commerce app advancement, Augmented reality applications.

8. Techaheadcorp

Techaheadcorp, serving for many clients. It comes with a robust mobile marketing and e-commerce base. With large user experience solutions for both app and software.

Expertise: Android app advancement, iOS app development and Windows app advancement, Unity3 Game Development, WooCommerce development & Game Testing, IOT app development

9. Twist Future

Another leading cellular application development companies in India that provide both service and mobile products. Twist Long-term includes app development support for all the three platforms Google Android, iOS and Windows with a particular interest in mobile video gaming application. This tech company is also into game testing services which include use case testing and perfecting consultations.

Expertise: Mobile app development, Online marketing, SEO & Game Advancement, iPad app advancement, IOS app development, Home windows app development.

10. Brill Mindz

Tech freaks among the top 10 mobile app development businesses in India experienced in providing research and strategic development solutions for based on market demands, competitor analysis, and consumer behavior analysis. A special wing of gaming enthusiasts at Brill Midz contribute towards developing games across Android devices, iPhone, iPad and PC games. A team of experienced cellular app developers has so far produced 100+ apps for the business of all sizes belonging to B2B and B2C sectors.

Expertise: Mobile app advancement, IoT & wearable app development, Web app, UI developing, Android app advancement, iPhone app development, Blackberry app development

11. Hakuna Matata

Hakuna Matata, another leading mobile app designing company with services focused on providing IoT based portable apps for creating a connected environment in the household and workplaces and device to mobile app communication through wearable technology based apps. Design-led engineering is usually their motto, and because they boast, they are one of the top Android software development companies in India that have come up with the world-class design for cellular apps.

Expertise: Android app advancement, iOS app development, and Windows app development

12. 360Technosoft

360-top 10 android app development companies
Mobile app development, mobile web end advancement, UX and UI design, marketing services are the mainstay of 360Technosoft. As one of the seasoned cellular app development businesses in India, this company provides unique providers for mobility domain like program Migration, redesigning, version upgrades, use case screening ensuring the highest quality.

Our real piece of advice would be to consult or reach out to their panel and choose the best one among the lot.

Expertise: Android, iOS, Windows, iPad, Wearables, IoT cell apps development

13. Net Solutions

One of the leading hybrid mobile solutions provider with hybrid mobile application development businesses in India whose significant share of the clientele are enterprises and startups. Their Hybrid app churning lab leverages systems like IBM Worklite, Ionic, PhoneGap, and Xamarin.

In IoT centered app development, Net solutions specialize in meeting challenges like systems integration, interoperability, standardization, security of end-user and company. Among the best Android app developers in India, Netsolutions excels in m-Commerce, news, location-based and social networking apps.

Expertise: Mobile & app development, Custom mobile app advancement, UI & UX web design development, WordPress & php development, Chatboat app development, Custom ecommerce development

14. Sparx

With 250+ Game developers, 1000+ Android apps delivered and 200+ dedicated iOS developers, Sparx solutions fall under both the categories, best Google android app development companies in India and top 10 iPhone & Android mobile app development companies in India.

This business is into Hybrid app development as well, and their developers combine HTML5 coding prowess along with advanced platforms like Sencha and PhoneGap to deliver cross-platform apps with native level performance.

Expertise: Web design development, eCommerce web advancement, Mobile & game app development,

15. Titus

Titus-best cellular app design company with Automation, accessibility, functional, localization, performance security, and usability testing are some of the testing solutions offered for mobile and web applications. Above all of these, the corporation renders app maintenance and support providers.

Expertise: Mobile frontend & backend app advancement, QA & Automation testing,

16. Colan

Colan-best mobile app development design & services
Enterprise mobility sector and SaaS-based flexibility solutions are what Colan Infotech does best. Resource planning for enterprise mobility service, enterprise mobility as a service, security enhancement for mobile apps are a number of the areas Colan Infotech focuses on many such areas.

Expertise: Enterprise Portable app development, Web site design & advancement, Net, Jave & Php development

17. Mobulous

An award-winning cellular game app development business in India, which has delivered 250+ apps. Featured as one of the best Google Android app development companies in India, Mobulous works with a team of 70+ mobile app developers.

With a strategy of competitive analysis, the scope of business, implementation, configuration and delivery, Mobulous has delivered quality apps on iOS, Android and other systems that have earned over 1 million impressions in the app stores.

Expertise: Mobile app development, Web design, services & development, Ecommerce advancement, Enterprise web development

18. Sntinfotech

An ISO Certified android mobile app development firm which creates hybrid apps and native apps for iOS and Google Android development platforms. These development experts promise of delivering apps in a stringent timeline but not at the cost of quality.

Next, to cellular app development, their interest lies in providing SEO, SMO, ORM services which help build a vibrant image for products and improve conversions.

Expertise: Web site design & development, Custom made eCommerce Website Design, Android app advancement, iOS app development

19. Csipl

Coding specialists who ship great code to create apps that are flawless and render great performance under several use cases. With a team which has in-depth knowledge of core languages like.NET, HTML5, JavaScript, Objective C, PhoneGap, etc., Cross Section interactive produce apps of sheer quality in iOS, Google Android and cross-system apps for startup, SMEs and enterprises.

Expertise: Hybrid mobile phone app development, Healthcare mobile app development, iOS app development, Android App development, Windows phone application development, BlackBerry application development, HTML5 development

20. Verbat

Verbal Technologies has a strong focus on the design and development of Enterprise Mobility Solutions, having built over 500+ feature-rich applications across Android Phones and tablets, iPhones, iPads and Windows Phones.

Verbal brings in their knowledge in engagement model starting with an evaluation of businesses and IT requirements. It ensures a quality mobility solution delivered quickly to reduce cost and increase effectiveness.