Mettle tech – IT Service and APPS provider

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TITLE OF THE PROJECT for IIMC Study Group :  Mettle tech – IT Service and APPS provider


Mettle tech is an IT Services/App provider from SME space based out of Kolkata with around 30 employees having grown to this size from scratch in a decade of operations. They are scaling up operations and intend to become a one stop service provider for SME in IT development and focus on NA geography for additional business. They are working with couple of state governments currently and increase their presence in this area as well. Mettle tech requires enhanced digital marketing to further their visibility/revenue in market place. Following are the key items as discussed with their management.

  • Enhance reach in US and Canada for SOHO/SME clients and provide one stop all service model for Apps, Software and Digitization.
  • Support Marketing for newer service offerings like Ecommerce, Online Payment solutions.
  • Create awareness for Mettle being a content Marketer and be an Influencer in this space and gain business. Increase Social Presence with Video and Audio Channel Impact/reach.
  • Digital branding related to gaining digitization orders of government agencies both India and abroad


Mettle tech has a working website  and they are also present in other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter [] , Quora etc. They have currently reached 100k Alexa rank from 3M.

They are currently working with 2 state governments and have bid aggressively for other state government projects and Overseas customers like Singapore government.

They have developed Apps which have got a good success like million downloads on Android App store which showcases their technical capability and skills. Ex []

They incur substantial expenses from Paid marketing, follow HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Ideas but this is not translating into signed customers.

They are good in Quora [60000+ followers], Instagram marketing which was instrumental in getting million downloads for some of their apps.

3)      PROPOSED METHOD FOR HANDLING THE PROBLEM (eg: Data Analysis, Casestudy or building a framework):

Since Mettle already has a presence build over last few years in market place. we intend to have a data analysis of existing secondary data, Case study and Competitor analysis and come up with a digital marketing strategy/ plan.


Currently Mettle has increased Alexa ranking to 100k from 3M. This means some of the efforts in digital marketing is having effect on ground. However, this has to be translated into significant business and contract signups.


  1. KPI lead Detailed Digital Marketing Plan
  2. Optimized Website/Landing page and be on top of Search Engine Ranking
  3. Multivariate Conversion funnel


  1. Increased Digital brand awareness for Mettle as a Content Marketer
  2. Prospective Sales Enquiries through website from US and Canada from [SOHO and SME customers] for Ecommerce /Online Payment and Mobile App development by Keyword Targeting. [ Expected-> 100 Enquiries in first quarter 2018-19]
  3. Digital branding related to gaining digitization orders of government agencies both India and abroad. [Expected -> 1 Signup in first quarter 2018-19]
  4. Convert the traffic into business by creating/streamlining Multivariate Conversion funnel [ Expected -> 10 signed up customers in first quarter 2018-19].
  5. Be counted as a Key Influencer in Mobile Apps space across Andriod /Iphone; Ecommerce and Online Payment Solutions
  6. Budget estimates for increased brand awareness based on Digital Marketing plan and Enhanced Savings from Paid marketing activities.